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Intruder Alarm Installers Malborough

from BGE Digital

Intruder Alarm Installers Malborough

BGE Digital are experienced alarm installers based in Malborough. We provide services for all types of electronic security systems including the installation, service, maintenance and repair of burglar alarms which are designed to detect intruders attempting to gain access into a house, commercial building and other property including garages, sheds and outbuildings. BGE Digital are your number one burglar alarm installers in Malborough offering a premier security service. As reputable local alarm installers, whom currently work for Police forces including Malborough Police and the Metropolitan Police Service, BGE Digital offer an unrivalled quality of service at a very competitive price providing great peace of mind for all of your home or commercial alarm installations.

BGE Digital install various alarm systems which protect your property against burglary, together with combination alarm systems, for both fire and burglary protection. BGE Digital alarm systems can, if required, be combined with closed-circuit television surveillance systems (CCTV), and may interface to access control systems for electrically locked doors.

Burglar alarms, also known as intruder security systems, burglar security alarms or security alarm systems, are used in domestic and residential properties, commercial buildings, schools, industrial premises, public and local authority buildings and Police departments for protection against burglary, as well as personal protection against intruders and property damage. We install and service to the required standards within our industry as set out in EN50131 and PD6662:2010 Intruder and Hold-up Alarm Systems (I&HAS) including Grade 2 and Grade 3 alarm systems.

Malborough wireless and wired security burglar alarms

As alarm installers in Malborough, BGE Digital install intruder alarms which can be used with both wired and wireless PIR sensors offering better security than ever before. Wireless systems allow us to install alarm devices within your property without affecting the decoration which is particularly important in finished homes.

Automatic burglar alarm alerts

24 hour around the clock intruder alerts, direct to your mobile phone. BGE Digital alarm installers, will install your domestic or commercial property with an alarm system, which will call you on your mobile phone when there is a break-in, or unauthorised access to your property, alerting you personally and sounding the on-site alarm.


Benefits of burglar alarm systems by BGE digital alarm installers Malborough

  • Burglar deterrence
  • Burglar disturbance – making intruders leave before property is stolen or damaged
  • 100% peace of mind for your property and family
  • Meet your insurance requirements and reduce your insurance premium

Security burglar alarm systems can include:

  • PIR movement detectors
  • Vibration detectors
  • Door contacts for door protection
  • Panic alarms
  • Wired or wireless burglar alarm systems
  • Remote alarm monitoring including use of an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
  • Police and fire alarm response via an ARC
  • Key-holding services
  • Multi-site alarm systems
  • Alarm integration with CCTV, access control and intercom systems

Our experience as Malborough alarm installers also lends itself well to providing maintenance, repair and call-out services which we also offer whether you’re currently a client of ours or not. Please see the Burglar Alarm Emergency Call-out and Burglar Alarm Maintenance and Servicing sections below or contact us for more information today.

Burglar Alarm Emergency Call-out in Malborough

Intruder / burglar alarms, like most electronic security systems, require regular maintenance to ensure they are properly working. This is especially true for intruder systems to minimise nuisance false alarms. We offer a 24 hour support service for burglar alarms and can respond quickly to rectify problems including nuisance alarms. We hold stock of the most common system failure points for the majority of alarm system manufacturers.

We offer emergency support services for burglar alarm repairs which are very competitively priced.
If you require repairs or an emergency callout, please feel free to get in touch on 01752 686873.

Burglar Alarm Maintenance and Servicing in Malborough

In addition to emergency call-out services, we offer full annual maintenance to prevent such emergency situations. There is nothing worse than waking up to your intruder alarm sounding at 2AM and not being able to silence it. Our full maintenance program is calculated for your individual alarm system so as to ensure it is as competitively priced as possible. We carry out at least the following service procedures regardless of the size of the system (integrated intruder alarm systems require additional checks):

1. Test all batteries and replace as necessary
2. Check PSU
3. Test operation of all devices including the panel, sounders/strobes, detectors (PIR, microwave, glass break etc), contacts and vibration sensors etc including walk test
4. Measure resistance of devices (normal, alarm and tamper)
5. Clean component internals (particularly detectors)
6. Check operation of tampers
7. Check all terminations

Please contact us, your local alarm installers Malborough for more information.

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