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Q&A with the Directors

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Ben: “I’ve always been interested in technology and how rapidly it’s evolving. We get to be at the cutting edge of these technological developments from programming security software to installing and configuring hardware devices. Working in the security industry aligns perfectly with what we’re both interested in and enjoy doing. We get to work with anything from small scale residential home alarms right up to large scale commercial and industrial security systems involving plant machinery and building works.”

Rob: “It’s also the electronic engineering aspect of the business, its advancing all the time and this industry has the perfect combination of marrying technology with IT, electronics and engineering; especially when it comes to integrated security solutions. Ben’s very IT focused and I’m very electronics focused, we bounce off each other and together it’s the perfect fit, it works really well; we have the best of both worlds and we’re able to come up with the end solution much quicker.”

Ben: “I think it was out of frustration with the way the industry was evolving. So much seemed to be about how many installs you did and how many extra services you got a customer to buy rather than whether the technology was any good or if it was what the customer actually wanted or needed. It didn’t seem like the customer’s requirements were the main focus and I thought that we could improve on that and the technology that was being offered.”

Rob: “Yeah there was also frustration with how some of the companies in this sector were operating; they use outdated systems, spreadsheets and old databases which is so time consuming. We knew we could be at the forefront of business management and be so much more efficient. From the start we invested heavily in making our back office processes paperless, seamless and run with maximum efficiency. Having our own business meant we could be the decision makers and take advantage of the latest solutions from the perspectives of business management, security products and customer services.”

Ben: “Essentially the company exists because we’re two guys who are experts in the security sector with a great understanding of the industry, the latest and best technology out there and a desire to make a difference in the level of customer service and technology that’s being offered.” 

Ben: “Our experience. We both come from a technical background and we’ve got so much experience in all aspects of the security business from surveys, installs, upgrades and customer service. We know the sector inside and out and our customer’s get to benefit from that wealth of experience right from the start.”

Rob: “There’s lots of things that makes us different, especially the way in which we operate. We’re just so efficient and because of how much we’ve invested in our back office staff, systems and process we operate so much faster and with greater accuracy. We’ve been paperless from day one and what takes some companies a couple of days to do we can do in just ten minutes thanks to our networked systems and integrated processes. We’re just not held back or reliant on archaic back office systems like other companies.

We’ve streamlined it all so when it comes to quoting our customers they can rest assured that everything has been accounted for, no hidden costs, sudden surprises or parts that have been forgotten to be ordered. Our systems have eliminated the things that result in project completion delays so all of our projects run on time and to budget. That’s something we’re very proud of.”

Ben: “Yeah, investing in the back office systems has made a massive difference, it also means we’ve got the time to really understand the technologies in the market place and know how to get the maximum out of them. It’s given us the time to focus on the designs of the systems that we’re going to install and it’s given us more time to focus on the customer’s requirements; which for us is the absolute main priority.”

Ben: “They get to benefit from all our experience, super-fast response times, better products, better value for money and a great service.”

Rob: “Yeah, they also get a better designed and tailored security solution. Because we’re super-efficient we’ve got more time to spend upfront designing and configuring so we deliver a system that’s really simple to use.  All the complex work is done in the background after we’ve spent the time understanding their requirements, environment issues, lifestyle and daily routines as well as things like pets, gardeners, window cleaners and all the end users not just the owner. That way we deliver a bespoke solution that best fits the customer, the users and their premises without any compromise to the security protection they’re getting.”

Ben: “Some companies deliver a system that leaves the customer referring to a 500-page user manual just to operate it. For us it’s all about simplicity and delivering a security system that’s so simple it can be operated with just one key fob and one button press; without ever needing to refer to a quick user guide.”

Rob: “We put the customer first by understanding what their requirements are. For us it’s all about delivering a security system that meets their needs and budget. So once we’ve understood their requirements we’ll tailor the best system out there to match them.  We don’t over promise and under deliver.

We’re responsive and all of our customers get assigned a dedicated single point of contact within the company; there’s no call centre or being passed around a multitude of customer service representatives. When it comes to installation, we take the pain away and work with them to minimise any disruption. We keep our customers automatically updated with notifications and they get regular communications from us through each step of the process.

We’re independent so we really can deliver the best technologies out there in the market place today and we keep up-to-date with developments by attending trade shows and regularly meeting suppliers. We future-proof our solutions, use the latest technology and only use those we have rigorously tried and tested. We won’t install anything we wouldn’t have in our own home and business and we think that’s important.”

Rob: “When it comes to costs, our customers benefit from the discounts we get from the manufacturers and we’re also able to assist with financing and leasing options. We know cost is a consideration and can offer our customers different pricing options for different levels of security protection all tailored to their budget. 

Value engineering ensures our customers get excellent value for money.  We always deliver to our quoted price too, there’s no extras and we always deliver it to the timescales we agreed upon, the only caveat being if there’s third parties involved which are out of our control. In terms of the work we need to do, we’ve never overrun.”

Rob: “We run continuous training, whether that’s by us or with manufacturers directly.  We also have Engineers studying at higher level education through college and we attend industry specific training courses.

Every member of our team has to pass Security Check (SC) which is a high-level vetting process that can take up to twelve weeks to complete.  In addition, we undertake screening to BS7858 which includes financial background checks.  It means our team are entirely credible, professional and trustworthy which we believe is of the utmost importance when you’re dealing with your personal security and also the security of your property.”

Rob: “When it comes to support after installation, we’re incredibly fast and responsive. Our emergency support service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We use the most advanced technologies which means if a problem should arise we can carry out initial checks, diagnose faults and most often fix issues remotely without even having to send an engineer out. Having remote capabilities means our support is just so much faster and more efficient. Our customers tell us that this saves them so much in terms of time and money and provides them with the peace of mind that they’re always in good hands.”

Rob: “We’re one of the few security companies that give customers the flexibility to choose who they want to manage or maintain their system. We don’t lock them down so that they can only be managed by us like many other companies do, we believe that should be the customer’s choice at the end of the day. The fact that our customers choose us after installation and continue to stay with us is testament to our great workmanship, customer service and staff.”

Rob: “No. We don’t just operate in the UK, we’ve got the capabilities to work globally and have experience installing security systems right across Europe. It’s a huge benefit for large organisations who have premises in different countries; they only have to deal with the one company and they get the benefit of our excellent workmanship, expertise and customer service across all their sites in and outside of the UK.”

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