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Bespoke High Definition Video Monitoring and Remote Control System Design

Rapid River Control Centre

Bespoke software for remote monitoring and control of high-tech swimming trainer

BGE Digital win an exciting contract to design and supply a bespoke high definition (HD) video monitoring system for the Riptide Rapid River Swimming Trainer.

Our client is the biggest manufacturer of Hot Tubs and Spas in the UK and the original and best manufacturer of swimming trainers. Hot Tub Barn became involved with the British Swimming Association in the wake of the London 2012 Olympics. Their flagship swimming trainer has been re-developed in conjunction with the British Swimming Association (BSA) in order to ensure that it will deliver an unrivalled experience for some of the best athletes in the world; Olympic swimmers and prospective swimming champions!

The problem. The best swimmers want the best swimming coaches; they are unlikely to live next door to each other. This potentially means either the swimmer or coach spending hours on the road before they can start training or perhaps spending days away from family and friends each week. In addition, the swimming coach cannot fully appreciate the entire stroke of the swimmer due to light refraction from looking through the water and a single perspective at any one time. Also, walking up and down the pool to keep alongside the swimmer lowers concentration of the swimming coach.

The solution. This system allows the swimmer to be monitored locally on a computer or remotely over the internet in high definition (internet bandwidths allowing) to allow complete control of the training session. Multiple camera views provide unimpeded views of the swimmer from six different angles, five of which can see beneath the water level and one of which provides a bird’s eye view.

This is no ordinary CCTV system! A completely bespoke front end developed and created by BGE Digital allows the quality of the recorded video to automatically resize according to internet bandwidth and how many cameras are being displayed simultaneously to provide the ultimate user experience. The front end also provides control over the swimming trainer allowing the swimming coach to vary the routine of the swimmer.

In addition to the remote monitoring and control of the swimming trainer, the swimming coach may also communicate with the swimmer in the swimming trainer using just the microphone installed in their laptop or one connected to their PC. This truly provides a unique, high-tech training experience.

As you can probably tell, we’re very excited to be part of such an innovative and original system that may produce future British Olympic heroes!