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What is an Intruder and Hold up Alarm System (I&HAS)?

An intruder alarm is a system designed to detect intruders and provide protection against burglary and property damage as well as personal protection.

A Hold up Alarm is normally installed as part of the intruder alarm system and provides the user with Personal Attack Buttons (PABs) or panic strips to create either an audible or silent alarm. Silent alarms are used only when another person, perhaps a security team, or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is alerted.

There are three main types of intruder alarm system:


Intruder alarm systems are available in both wired and wire free options and even a mixture of the two (hybrid system). There are a range of detectors including motion sensors, magnetic contacts, shock sensors, seismic detectors and break glass detectors. These options allow great flexibility to provide systems that are designed to minimise false alarms and allow maximal detection in all vulnerable areas and potential entry points.

An intruder alarm can be a stand-alone system or can be part of a wider security strategy for premises.


Why use BGE Digital?

Registered with Essex Police to provide Police response systems

Accredited by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) for the design, installation, service and maintenance of Intruder Alarm systems. We comply with EN 50131, PD6662 and to DD263 for commissioning and maintenance in addition to BS 8243 for confirmed alarms (required for Police response)

Audited independently by NSI to the above standards and Published Documents (PD)

Environmental factors taken into consideration such as heat (including draughts), light and moisture in addition to pets

Installers of multiple transmission systems:


Insurance approved remote signalling equipment installers; connect with an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for 24 x 7 monitoring:


Remote servicing and support from our secure premises for a fast response and reduced cost

Smartphone control of your system to monitor and alert you in the case of an alarm

Design of systems to minimise false alarms whilst maximising detection

Integrate with other security systems, for example, to set the remote monitoring for a CCTV system or to turn on lights or lock down doors in the event of an alarm

We do not tie you in and we do not ‘lock’ panels – we believe you should be able to choose who maintains your system!

Documentation and instructions for system installations in addition to reports for service and maintenance or repairs

Please contact us for more information.

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