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Access Control Installers

Access Control Installers

One of the most complex, time consuming and frustrating elements of electronic security systems is access control, particularly with movement of personnel and visitors in live buildings. BGE Digital pride ourselves on ensuring a smooth process for your access control installation be it a brand new install, an upgrade and swap out from an old system, additions to an existing system or repairs. We ensure that the installation process is flawless by careful consideration of the security requirements for the different areas and rooms of a premises and by liaising with the client to create a full and detailed specification. This allows all working parties to complete necessary works such as containment, cabling, mains provisions, routing of doors and frames all in the correct time frames and with the assistance of other trades where required.

Access control is used extensively in office buildings, schools, Police forces, hospitals, warehouses,

BGE Digital Engineers are trained installers of Grosvenor (Janus and Sateon), Nedap and Paxton.

Benefits of Access Control systems by BGE Digital

• Seamless installation
• Integration with other systems including CCTV
• All types of locking systems including maglocks, electric strikes and electric locks
• Consideration of fire exit and Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements
• Event monitoring such as “door forced” and “door held open”

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