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About Us. Security Systems and Security Service

We’re different.

At BGE Digital we’re different in the way we provide security systems and security service. We set the company up so that we could improve the way security services are offered, installed and maintained in the industry. We believe the way in which we operate and the technology we use is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We’re independent. We’re not tied into any particular manufacturers or technologies. This means we really can offer you the most affordable, latest and best security systems, service and technology available.

Customer focus is at the heart of what we do.

We’re customer focused, and whilst many companies will claim they are too, everything we do has you in mind. For this reason we won’t sell you a solution just because we know it’s got the biggest mark up. Equally, we won’t sell you a bundle of expensive add on features that you don’t need just because it looks good on our balance or sales sheets.

At BGE Digital we take a different approach. Not only do we get to know you first but we also specifically determine what you need. Only then do we talk about the best security alarms, best CCTV systems, door entry and access control solutions.

We invest our time getting to know you. We assess your requirements, your environment and those who will be using the system. Together we establish exactly what you need versus what you think you may want. With you at the forefront of our mind we strive to provide you with the best security system available; all in accordance with your requirements and budget.

It’s all in the design.

We believe simplicity is key and whilst security systems are incredibly complex, the solution you end up with will be effortless and simple to use. We ensure this happens because we spend the time thoroughly designing, configuring and testing the system before we hand them over to you.

We’re also flexible, we don’t lock our systems down after installation. You have the choice of who you want to manage and maintain the system; after all it is your security solution and we believe that this choice should be yours.

We’re innovative. We future proof all our solutions so you can rest assured you won’t be sold an alarm system that’s about to be discontinued or which may be incompatible with emerging smart technologies. Equally important is its compatability with other technologies you may already have. Our passion for technology ensures we’re totally up to date with not only what’s just come on the market but what’s currently in development.

We’re security conscious to the max.

Another key point is that we’re completely security conscious from start to end. We won’t install any piece of technology we haven’t rigorously tested ourselves and we won’t employ anyone who hasn’t cleared the highest level of security checks. You can be assured that with BGE Digital you will always be in safe hands.

We make smart technology choices.

Last but certainly not least. As a result of the implementation of simPRO, a business management software solution, we’ve transformed the way our business is run and as of 2019 we’re double the size we were fifteen months ago. In just over a year our turnover rocketed to over £1 million.

Watch a short video about how we’ve transformed our company.

The full video, courtesy of simPro, can be accessed here.

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